How to integrate Mailtrack© into your communication strategy?

With a permanent desire to optimise expenses incurred in communication and profitability, the Mailtrack© system enables:

  • To establish a Quality Observatory for distribution of printed advertising material. Thanks to regular checks strategically spread in time and in the different zones, the quality of operations is constantly improving.
  • Establish a long lasting partnership with the service provider through the positive impact of controls: preventive upstream level, positive pressure in real time and fixing problems downstream level.
  • Optimise the expected effects of printed advertising campaigns: Awareness, traffic and sales turnover in outlets.

Three possible scenarios for printed advertising distribution:

No Control

With Control

Establishment of a quality Observatory

How to set up a quality observatory for the distribution of advertising catalogues?

A common thought is to deal with issues concerning brands and companies upstream:

  • What are the budgetary challenges by area?
  • What areas are particularly sensitive?
  • How to planify controls based on the number of printed advertising campaigns?
  • How often controls are necessary to improve distribution?
  • Where and how to allocate the controls?
  • What are the budget and the expected return on investment?