Why perform an audit on the distribution of printed advertising?

Mailtrack© is the “black box” of distribution:

The institute provides real insight of what is happening on the field. This control exerts positive pressure on the distributor and ensures the smooth running of operations in real time.

A highly strategic communication media for the brand

  • Main generator of revenue for the stores
  • Essential tool to outshine competition
  • Only real medium targeting catchment areas

A sensitive distribution context

  • Haziness of the distribution market
  • Tool that is not easily controlled by customers
  • Very large budget

Our mission : Alert, Verify, Correct, Optimise

  • Alert : Exert positive pressure on distributors
  • Verify quality : Control distribution of Printed Advertising
  • Correct distribution in real time via an operational reporting system
  • Optimise performance and profitability of your communication actions